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By Gabriel Tan for ASPLUND Collection 2020

Handtufted rug in a special Wool and Tencel blend.

Singapore and Porto-based designer Gabriel Tan found inspiration in the Northern Lights when creating this rug for ASPLUND.

”I found inspiration in the fascination but elusive natural phenomena of the Nordic countries. Personally the Aurora is almost like a holy grail, because despite a few trips to the far north it has always escaped me”, says Gabriel.

Gabriel Tan Designer

“We experimented with different colour variants of the aurora such as purple and bright green but found that we wanted to present a more classic and warmer palette more suited to the home”, Gabriel explains.

TENCEL® is a branded lyocell fibre of botanic origin, extracted from raw materials like eucalyptus. The TENCEL® fibre has many advantages in terms of sustainability Eco-friendly production, due to the closed loop system. The raw material wood stems from fast growing forest plantations without cultivating forestland suitable for agriculture. Also, water consumption is 10 - 20 times lower than with cotton (

Hand tufted in India. Made to order.

Size: standard size 135 x 200 cm, 160 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm

Delivery times: Between 8-12 weeks. 

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